Frontier Airlines Baggage Fees

Frontier Airlines Baggage fees offers its customers two options that facilitates a passenger to travel along with the necessary amenities by paying a small baggage fee. Passengers travelling by Classic Plus fare can take along with them, one personal item and one carry-on bag. Passengers travelling by Economy class need to pay a small fee to carry one bag on international as well as domestic flights. A carry-on bag can include gels, liquids, creams, pastes and aerosols not weighing more than 100 ml or 3.4 ounces per bottle and the item must be put for screening in a zip-on bag sized 1 quart. Frontier Airlines Baggage also caters to carrying baby food and medicines as a carry-on baggage provided the items are screened during check-in. The dimension of the carry-on bag should not be more than 24” length x 16” width x 10” height and the weight should not 35 pounds. The bag should be comfortably placed beneath the seat or in the overhead enclosure.

frontier airlines baggage fees If any passenger travels in Economy class with a carry-on bag exceeding the permissible dimensions or weight, he will be charged a fine of maximum $60 at the arrival gate. A similar offender travelling by Classic Plus fare will be required to pay a fine of $35 at the arrival gate. Frontier Airlines Baggage fees allows passengers to carry an additional personal item along with the carry-on bag. The personal item should place comfortably under your seat and the dimensions, including wheels, straps and baggage handle should not be more than 18” x 14” x 18”. The permissible items are handbags, pocketbook, backpack, purse, briefcase and laptop.

To make the travel comfortable for your child, car seats can be carried on the aircraft provided the Federal Aviation Administration approves the car seat. Strollers can be carried as a check-in baggage. It will be given to the passenger at the arrival gate after the flight reaches the destination.

Frontier Airlines Baggage fees permits passengers to check their baggages at the counters located in the airport. Passengers are recommended to reach the airport counter between two to four hours prior to the departure time of the flight in order to check-in their baggage. The cutoff timings for baggage check-in is 45 minutes before the departure time of domestic flights and 60 minutes before the departure of international flights. The operation of checking baggages is conducted by the Transportation Security Administration as they screen all baggages in order to secure your travel. It is recommended that a passenger does not lock his checked baggage. Frontier Airlines Baggage fees does not hold the airline liable if any of the locked baggage is opened and some damage is caused in the process. It is recommended that passengers do not carry items like electronics, jewelry, cash, fragile items and important documents in the checked baggage.

In case a baggage gets damaged while in transit,a passenger can lodge a complaint at the Baggage Service office located in the destination airport within four hours of the arrival of your flight. The damaged baggage will be inspected by the service agent at the counter for assessment of the charging a liability. Frontier Airlines Baggage fees does not cover scratches, wear and tear, rips, dents and dirt on the checked baggage. Other than these, the airline is ready to pay an insurance amount of $3,400 for each baggage checked. In case, you left a baggage on the plane itself, you can return to the arrival gate or the airline ticket counter and take the assistance provided by an airline service agent to retrieve your lost baggage.