Frontier Airlines Check-in

Frontier Airlines check- in can be done in three different ways:
1. Online check-in
2. At the counters in the airport
3. Through kiosks located in the airport

Cutoff timings for Check-In

A passenger must carry his boarding pass and check-in his baggage by the scheduled timings mentioned below: 1. For domestic flights, the cutoff timings are 45 minutes prior to departure time. 2. For international flights, the cutoff timings are 60 minutes prior to departure time.

frontier airlines check-in A passenger travelling from Denver needs to stand in queue, 2 hours before the scheduled departure time in order to complete the check-in formalities. Frontier Airlines check- in counters close 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. The passengers are required to start boarding the flight 15 minutes prior to the departure. Thus, it is recommended that a passenger should reach the airport 2 hours in advance in order to complete the check-in formalities smoothly.

Online check-in facility is available between twenty four hours and sixty minutes before the departure time of the flight. You are required to enter your name and the six-letter reference code provided by the airlines.

Online check-in procedure

Frontier Airlines check-in facility makes it easier for a passenger to avail a boarding pass without any hassles of standing in a long queue. You can check-in your baggage till 45 minutes before departure time. The fees charged for checking-in baggage are low. Everyone can take 1 hand baggage on the flight provided the baggage measures up to 18" x 14" x 8".

Choice of your seat

If a passenger is travelling by Economy class and wishes that he gets a seat of his own choice then by paying a small fee he can avail the favorite seat, else a seat will be assigned randomly.

Self-Service Kiosks

You can avail the facility of Self Service Kiosks provided for Frontier Airlines check-in. You need to enter the reference code of reservation and swipe any of the documents either ID proof, credit card or passport. And, you will be receive the itinerary, view your seat and avail the boarding pass. Frontier Airlines check-in kiosks are present in Austin, Salt Lake City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Orlando, Indianapolis, San Frisco and many other states of united States of America.

Check-In at Airport Service Counter

The service agents are available at the airport. Additional support required by all passengers is available at all airports.

Post Check-In Procedure

Flight status updates like change in flight timings are displayed on visual monitors at the airport. All passengers must reach the boarding gates well in time. Frontier Airlines follows a simple procedure to make the boarding process comfortable. The passengers are boarded on the aircraft in the order mentioned below:
1. Frontier Airlines check-in agents provide required assistance to differently–able passengers. They are provided wheelchairs and other assistance while boarding. The service agent will help you when you reach the boarding gate.
2. Passengers belonging to military services can board the seats in Zone 1 and are given higher priority.
3. Members of special schemes like frequent flyers can buy a ticket on a higher priority.
4. Passengers having little children below three years can avail of the facility of Courtesy Boarding i.e. allowance of extra help during boarding.
5. Passengers in zones 2, zone 3 and zone 4 aboard the flight from the back of the aircraft in the respective order.

In some airports, the passengers can board the flight from front or rear sides of the aircraft using the ramp. The order of boarding will be changed to facilitate comfortable boarding the aircraft through either of the doors.